The shower trailer

Since the inception of F.I.R.E., we have had the opportunity to provide assistance to evacuees in many shelters. During the first 2-3 days of evacuation, basic needs are our top priority. Items such as toiletries, water, food, and bedding are crucial. Because we live and work in communities that show overwhelming support for those in their time of need, we have found that evacuation centers quickly become overrun with these items after a short time. This response is absolutely heartwarming, but can also cause quite the burden on evacuation centers who have no place to store the extra items, or do not have a need for the volume of items being donated.

Because our goal is to help and not hinder, we decided to sit down and think of ways we could continue to help the evacuation centers, without causing a larger problem down the road. It became very obvious once we had visited multiple locations that there is often a lack of showering facilities. Many of the evacuation shelters are set up in places that do not have access to showering facilities, especially for large groups of people. After evacuating your home and staying in a facility for an indefinite amount of time, a shower is not a luxury, but a necessity for health and well being. 

And so was born our next big idea. F.I.R.E. Foundation is currently researching the logistics of this project, as well as the funding needs, but we are excited to be traveling down the road to purchasing shower trailers that we will be able to tow into evacuation centers. In addition to our initial in-kind donation collection response, these trailers will provide evacuees with a hot shower, a luxury that we often take for granted when they are so readily available to us. We look forward to sharing more about this project as it develops, and believe we will be able to help far more people in the future.

As always, we appreciate the generosity of every donor, whether it is an in-kind or monetary donation, and we will serve those in need with your continued support.

UPDATE (12/17/2017)

After receiving a very generous donation to pursue our shower trailer project, we have come to a decision and the ball is rolling! The build is to begin soon on our 8 stall shower trailer that includes an ADA accessible stall. This unit will allow us to bring the comfort of a hot shower into evacuation centers that do not have these facilities. We are very excited to be moving forward with this project much sooner than we had ever anticipated and look forward to sharing the progress with you. Stay tuned for more, and as always, we thank you for your continued support!

UPDATE (3/25/2018)

Our new shower trailer is in production and the manufacturer has sent us some progress photos. The exterior shell is complete, and now they will begin outfitting the interior with each of the shower stalls, plumbing, electrical, and more!

UPDATE (6/20/2018)

The trailer is just getting the final touches. We are scheduled to pick it up in about 3 weeks and we can't wait! We will be leaving California on July 9th, and will be home with the trailer on July 19th. We will be posting photos and videos from the road on our Facebook Page, so go check us out!

Unfortunately, the trailer does not come stocked with everything we will need to operate it, but you can help! We have a Wish List setup on Amazon that will allow you to purchase items that will be incredibly helpful, and they will ship directly to us! There is a wide array of items, and the list updates in real time to ensure we have just what we need to make the biggest impact. Just search "First In Relief For Evacuees" while you're shopping through your amazon account!

UPDATE 7/19/2018

The trailer is home!

We are working hard to get the trailer ready to deploy to evacuation centers as Fire season has kicked off early in California this year. Please visit our wish list on amazon by clicking the link below, to assist us in stocking the trailer, or you can donate online by clicking the donate button. You can also sign up to volunteer during deployment by filling out the form on our "Make A Difference" page. 

Stay tuned as we update everyone with our progress via our Facebook page. Please share our page and videos to help us get the word out about the foundation, as well as current incidents we are assisting with. We will have more photos of the trailer up soon, as well as opportunities for the community to come and see the trailer. Stay tuned as we are also planning some fun fundraising events. 

​Thank you all again for your support. It means the workd to us!